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Product Image Compact Survival Cord - Micro Technora (2-pack)

Compact Survival Cord - Micro Technora (2-pack)


I designed Compact Survival Cord to allow you to carry a large quantity of high strength cordage in a package that is small enough for your pocket, and fast to deploy when you need it.

Micro Technora Specs:

  • 10'x600lb Braided Technora
  • 1 7/8"x 1/2"
  • 9.5 Grams

Compared to traditional 550 Paracord, CSC is significantly smaller and lighter - while still being strong enough to count on in an emergency. This is a picture of 25' of Paracord, compared to the CSC Micro, Mini, and Small. 

The Micro Technora is the smallest version of the CSC lineup. It contains 10 feet of Technora line, which can hold 600lbs, yet is small enough to fit in the change pocket of a pair of jeans or Altoids Survival Kit. The Micro is sold as a pack of 2.

Technora is 8x stronger than steel by weight, maintains strength up to 800 degrees, and is totally resistant to acids, alkalis, and seawater. Basically, Technora line is Kevlar on steroids. 

550 Paracord next to 600lb Technora and 200lb Kevlar:

The main benefit of Terchnora 600 is that it is stronger and more durable than standard 550 Paracord, at less than half the diameter.

This small diameter allows you to carry significantly more Technora than paracord. Here's 10' of 550 paracord, vs 10' of 600lb Technora:

In addition to being strong and compact, Technora line is also extremely heat resistant, allowing it to be used as a friction saw for cutting through flex cuff handcuffs and PVC pipe. This piece of 1.5" PVC pipe was sawed through in about 30 seconds. 

The Technora was completely unfazed by this:
CSC Spools are designed for rapid deployment, which in an emergency offers a significant tactical advantage when compared to using a paracord bracelet, which takes several minutes to deploy. 
This rapid deployment allows you to rapidly barricade doors during an emergency or active shooter situation. 
Even if the lock has been completely blown out, CSC can keep the door closed:
By wrapping the hydraulic lock (found on most classroom, office, and hotel doors) the door will only open 4", preventing anyone from getting in without dedicated breaching equipment. This will give you time to either make your escape, or mount an active defense.
Of course, having rapid access to cord is useful for a myriad of other, non-tactical applications. I personally use mine fairly often for holding open doors, like when helping my friend move:
CSC also comes in handy when carrying a lot of groceries:

If you're looking for a great way to EDC cordage, and want to replace your paracrod bracelet with something that you will actually use, I think you will really enjoy the CSC Micro Technora

Compact Survival Cord is made with pride in the USA.