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Product Image Ceramic Utility Knife

Ceramic Utility Knife


The Ceramic Utility Knife is designed for industrial cutting applications. With over 10x the edge retention of steel, ceramic is ideal for slicing through difficult materials like Kevlar, tape, and cardboard. 


  • Ceramic, snap-off style blade ensures a sharp edge is always available
  • 100% non-magnetic and corrosion proof 
  • 5.75" long; weight 21 grams
  • Made in Japan

I've been using the Ceramic Utility Knife for a few years now as part of the assembly process for Gearward. Since I have to make thousands of cuts through Kevlar and Duct Tape, I was looking for a knife that would make clean cuts for as long  as possible. 

To give you a sense of just how long the edge lasts, I made over 7,000 Keychain Duct Tapes without having to change the blade of my first Ceramic Utility Knife. At 1.875" wide x 7,000, that corresponds to slicing through 1,093 feet of Duct Tape. Try that with a steel box cutter. 

Unlike a standard cutter, which tends to rust pretty quickly, the Ceramic Utility Knife is 100% non-metallic. The blade is ceramic, and all of the handle components are made from ABS plastic. 

The blade is a snap-off style, with 11 separate sections. You cut with the first section until it gets dull, and then you snap off the tip, and extend a fresh section. What's so great about this is that you can get a fresh cutting edge whenever you need it. 

If you're looking for handy knife with relentless cutting performance, the Ceramic Utility Knife is worth having in your toolbox. It's a major upgrade over a standard box cutter. 

 Ceramic Utility Knife is Made in Japan.