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Product Image FireBox



The FireBox is a high performance fire starting kit that's small enough to be carried in a pocket or survival tin. 


  • 20 Pieces of Waterproof Tinder that burn for 2 minutes
  • 2" Mischmetal Firesteel, produces 5000 degree sparks
  • Ultra-Hard Alumina Ceramic Striker generates 2-3x more sparks than steel strikers
  • Kit measures 2.25" x 1.65" x 0.4" (about the size of a Zippo)
  • Made in USA

I designed the FireBox to serve as a reliable and effective backup fire starter in case my primary and backup lighters were to fail. This actually happened on a camping trip a few years ago - my windproof jet lighter wouldn't work at altitude, and my Mini Bic ran out of fuel on the 2nd day.

Since that experience, I've experimented with a variety of compact fire starters. While they all worked, I wanted something that was smaller, yet offered more performance. After quite a bit of pyro schenanigans and material sourcing, I've finally come up with something that I feel is "just right."

FireBox compared to Spark-Lite, Zippo Emergency fire starter, magnesium bar, and Light My Fire fire steel. 

The FireBox is the smallest fire starting kit currently available, yet it also offers the highest level of performance. 

It holds 20 pieces of waterproof tinder, compared to the 8 pieces of tinder found in the Spark Lite:

Additionally, the Fire Cord tinder used in the FireBox offers superior water resistance:

Due to the ceramic striker, it produces a very large quantity of sparks, comparable to a full-size firesteel:

When you combine the ceramic striker and firesteel with 20 pieces of waterproof tinder, you're left with a compact and extremely effective kit.

If you're looking for a backup fire starter that you can carry everywhere and count on in an emergency, the FireBox will serve you well. 

FireBox is Made in the USA out of US, Canadian, and German Components.