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Product Image Compact Survival Cord - Micro Kevlar (2-Pack)

Compact Survival Cord - Micro Kevlar (2-Pack)


I designed Compact Survival Cord to allow you to carry a large quantity of high strength cordage in a package that is small enough for your pocket, and fast to deploy when you need it.

Micro Kevlar Specs:

  • 25'x200lb triple strand Kevlar
  • 1 7/8"x 1/2"
  • 8 grams

Compared to traditional 550 Paracord, CSC is significantly smaller and lighter - while still being strong enough to count on in an emergency. This is a picture of 50' of Paracord, compared to the CSC Micro, Mini, and Small. 

The Micro is the smallest version of the CSC lineup. It contains 25 feet of Kevlar line, which can hold 200lbs, yet is small enough to fit in the change pocket of a pair of jeans or Altoids Survival Kit. The Micro is sold as a pack of 2.

Kevlar is the same material used in bullet proof vests, and Kevlar line is currently specified for the Navy SEALS survival kit.

The 200lb Kevlar line is made of 3 twisted Kevlar strands.

When broken down, 25' of Kevlar 200 line produces 75' of Kevlar thread, with a break strength of approximately 60lbs. This Kevlar thread can be used for sewing, fishing, or shelter building. 

Kevlar line is also extremely heat resistant, allowing it to be used as a friction saw for cutting through flex cuff handcuffs and PVC pipe. 

Compact Survival Cord can obviously be used for normal cordage applications, such as repairing gear, securing items to your car, building emergency shelters, or all kinds of DIY applications

However, the rapid deployment spool allows CSC to be used for a variety of urban security applications. If you ever need to shelter in place during an emergency, CSC can be used to quickly seal doors to prevent an attacker from getting inside. 

It can also be used to temporarily disable stairwells to prevent them from being rushed. 

This rapid deployment in an emergency offers a significant tactical advantage when compared to using a paracord bracelet, which takes several minutes to deploy. 

Compact Survival Cord is made with pride in the USA, and is the ideal cordage for EDC, emergency preparedness, and ultralight backpacking.