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Product Image O/G Lanyard (2-Pack)

O/G Lanyard (2-Pack)


The O/G Lanyard is designed to make your gear easy to hold onto, and hard to lose. 

O/G stands for Orange/Glow, and that's the core concept behind the design. For daytime use, the lanyard is made out of blaze orange, 300lb test Spectra cord, making it extremely visible during the day. For dusk and night time use, the O/G has a 1/2" Moonglow Acrylic disc, which will glow in the dark for up to 18 hours. 

I had originally designed the O/G as a way to keep track of my favorite pair of scissors, which kept disappearing amidst the madness of my workshop. After a few weeks of use, I found it so handy that I decided to add an OG to all of my outdoor tools and easily misplaced equipment.

At dusk:

At night:

The O/G lanyard is a bit over 7" in length, which I've found to be pretty much the perfect size for knives and flashlights. 

The Spectra cord is a really wonderful lanyard material. It's much firmer than paracord, so it doesn't flop around, and it's 2mm in diameter, allowing it to work on tools with smaller lanyard holes. 

When not in use, the lanyard can be tied into a quick release loop to keep it out of the way. And for smaller tools, the lanyard can simply be untied and cut to size.

The O/G is not a fancy lanyard by any stretch, but if you're looking for a simple way to keep from losing your tools in the outdoors, it's an extremely effective option.

The O/G Lanyard comes in a pack of 2, and is made in the USA.