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Product Image Grip Bands

Grip Bands


Grip Bands are slip on rubber grips for pistols. Made out of 1mm thick EPDM rubber, they offer the traction and comfort of rubber grips, without adding additional bulk to your pistol.


  • Ultra-Thin Rubber Grip 
  • Will not peel off like skateboard tape 
  • Cut to size for perfect fit 
  • Sold as Pack of 3 with Razor Blade 
  • Made in USA

Grip Bands were created at the request of my good friend and shooting buddy Eric. An avid reloader, he shoots a steady diet of hot +P+ loads (.357 Sig @1625fps, etc) and wanted an improved grip to help keep control of his pistol under recoil. 

He suggested a full length tube made out of the same EPDM I use in my Ranger Bands, and the project was launched. 

In essence, Grip Bands are a modernized version of the bike inner tube grip. These DIY grips improved comfort and traction, without the added bulk of commercially available rubber grips, which tended to be too thick.

Grip Bands take this classic concept and improve upon it using the same proven EPDM material found in Gearward Ranger Bands, but a thinner and longer band. 

Here is a Grip Band compared to a similar length of inner tube. EPDM is tougher and more tear resistant than the butyl rubber used in inner tubes, and Grip Bands are extruded without a seam, which makes them more comfortable to hold.

The result is a very thin and clean looking grip:

EPDM has a very nice feel to it. It is softer to the touch than other brands of slip on rubber grips, and provides much more traction than a bare polymer grip, which can become slippery, especially when wet.

The other advantage of EPDM is its elastic nature. Used for industrial strength rubber bands, it can be stretched to fit even unusually large pistols like the FN Five Seven. 

Grip Bands are sold as a 3-Pack, and come with a razor blade. Installation is simply a matter of scooting the band onto your pistol, then trimming off the excess with the razor blade. Each band is 2"x4."

Grip Bands are a very simple product, but I'm confident that once you try them, you'll want them on all of your pistols. 

Grip Bands are Made in the USA.